Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Week In Review...

Greetings Guys and Ghouls,

This past week has been quite interesting for me.  I hoped to go participate in some of the local open mic nights at some of the pubs; but, it wasn't to be.  First of all, humans need to start appreciating life a bit more.  There's no need to keep taking each other out!  Nature will take her due course and eradicate people on an individual basis whether due to their biological timing or other factors.

But, when you push the motion of transition from one realm of life into the next, it expands my work load and I have to stop to come lead those who are deceased on to the other side.  And it's depressing because when you cause it to happen, then they aren't ready to go, and they aren't happy to make the trip.

I've had a few who wanted to remain and, at that request I have to allow it.  But, the majority, weeping all the way through the tunnel to the next level is depressing.

And you know I want to get out of that gig.

So, watch out FOR each other, not because you have to, but because you want to.  That will cut back on my work load and I can get back to writing the funny and hitting up the local comedy joints to lay some hilarity down.

Also, I got a canary for a pet.  This should be fun!

See you real soon,

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