Monday, January 27, 2014

Grim Reaper School Comics Online

Well, when you're performing the job of Death, you have a few things in life you enjoy.  For me, this is one of them.

Grim Reaper School.

From the website:

Meet Charlie, a foul mouthed twelve-year old who would rather play video games than do her homework. She attends a high class school, likes to skateboard and bullies her best friend into wreaking havoc on authority figures. Oh, and one more thing. She’s dead!
In the afterlife, Charlie has been placed into the “Grim Reaper School”, the place where the souls of children with unfinished business go to help other souls make it safely to the other side. Unfortunately for Charlie, a weapon of mass destruction has claimed her as its master, and the suspicious Reaper Council has given her the task of babysitting the school’s hyper and unpredictable Headmaster. This kid is convinced she’s been cheated, but she’ll soon learn there is more to being a Reaper than a black cloak and scythe.