Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas Ghost Story

 Believe it or not, Charles Dickens wasn't just making up something fun.  He'd tuned in to a job we must do part-time.  In our line of work, we do have to go meet and greet the recently deceased to help them cross-over and make it through their life transition so they aren't going alone.

The other part of our job is that we sometimes get called in to participate with Christmas Eve conversions.  Honestly, we can't convert most people, and so as the final spirit to visit it would be my job to make those forget if they refuse to find their heart and to care about others.

So, on Christmas Eve, should I appear amid mist and fog, and you awaken to find yourself in a cemetery, that doesn't necessarily mean you're transitioning from life, but hopefully transitioning to caring about others.

Merry Christmas.

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